AHA Design Studio is an architectural firm specialising in healthcare architecture and providing CAD and 3DS max solutions/services for the same based out of New Jersey. The firm provides the above mention services and also project management services using technologically superior processes, providing greater value for clients and enhanced drafting and delivery systems. AHA Design Studio’s competitive edge is, the extensive knowledge of healthcare design, the relevant drawings, along with medical equipment planning drawings and digital-based design resources supporting the same. Our Organizational resources can help create cultures of safety, superior customer service and efficiency enhancing the point of firm differentiation.

AHA Design Studio is subsidiary firm of Ameya Design, a resourceful and efficient Architectural Design Practice located in Hyderabad, India, specialising in Healthcare and other multi-faceted complex projects. We have wide experience in the full range of healthcare design environments that involve seamless integration of complex equipment. We offer a full spectrum of in-house services for our clients including:

  • Architectural And Interior Design
  • Architectural Visualization
  • Project Coordination
  • Management Consultancy
  • Equipment Sourcing Plans
  • “ Born on the ground. Live in the air ”

    /Armin Houman

    From humble beginnings of designing and supervising construction of small residences, to becoming the leading Architectural Practice in Healthcare design space was a 17 year long journey. So far we managed to achieve:

  • 3.4 Millon SFT space of design and construction
  • 1.8 Million SFT space of project Co ordination
  • We also managed to deliver some small projects and community service projects

    “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it”

    /H.E. Luccock

    we managed all the above with an efficient lean team consisting of 2/3 principal Architects, 4 senior Architects and a small support staff in various disciplines. We seek out specialists in skills we do not posses which is reflected in our long standing relationships with specialists, vendors, suppliers and technology consultants.

    Our familiar and convivial team also boasts of an unheard productivity rate. We truly shine in multi-faceted multi-functional projects under tight deadlines.

    “ Tango is the Everest of social dance. Impossible. Demanding. Intricate. And therefore irresistible ”

    /Margaret Putnam

    Along the way, we learned to do the delicate dance of managing the creative minds with economic and operational drivers involved in executing complex projects.

    “ Always in motion is the future ”


    Considering the ever shrinking and ever flattening world of commerce and culture, we decided to expand our horizons from national to international arena. Thus AHA is born. AHA is lead by two of our best minds, Haritha and Anuradha


    Interior Design






  • 3D Architectural Models
  • 3D Custom Furniture Models
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Walkthrough Animation
  • Drafting

  • Preliminary Drawings
  • Presentation Drawings Construction Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
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    AHA Design Studio, LLC.

    Anuradha Dasari

    Mobile: +1 (908) 907 1502

    Haritha Meka

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